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Make-up school days make no sense

Oracle Staff
April 10, 2014

Teachers and students are already frantically trying to prepare for AP exams after all the snow days, but at least FCPS is doing what... READ MORE »»

Caption: Although students celebrate school cancellations, the snow days are causing some seemingly unsolvable problems. FCPS’s “solution” has created more frustration than help.

Leslie Sherman

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Remembering Leslie

Ariana Urias, News Editor
April 10, 2014

Seven years ago on April 16, 32 people, some only a few years older than us, died in the Virginia Tech massacre. One of the victims... READ MORE »»

Caption: Robbie Nitzberg, Leslie Sherman, Rebecca McMahan and Andrea Delgado celebrate the Class of 2005’s graduation at the Patriot Center. The four young women ran hundreds of miles together on the Spartan Cross Country and Winter and Spring Track teams. Following Sherman’s untimely death at Virginia Tech in April 2007, Nitzberg, McMahan and Delgado helped lead the community effort to name our new track in Sherman’s memory.

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State delegate, local parent

Jessica Blahut, Oracle Editor
January 24, 2014

Having a full-time job and kids in school is a balancing act for any mom, but it’s even harder when one of your jobs requires you... READ MORE »»

Caption: Eileen Filler-Corn works with other delegates and constituents to introduce and pass bills she feels would benefit the people of the 41st district.

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Cookies and milk? Try pancakes and eggs

Sophia Padilla, Viewpoint Editor
January 24, 2014

The most magical place on Earth came to WS right before winter break as the choir department transformed the cafeteria into a magical... READ MORE »»

Caption: Personality students brought Christmas joy to local kids with their anual event Breakfast with Santa.

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Everyone makes mistakes, even the school newspaper

Oracle Staff
January 24, 2014

Dear Readers: Please believe us when we say: We’ve heard it all. From the minute grammatical errors, to the formatting issues, to... READ MORE »»

Caption: We printed the last letter-to-the editor that we received in April 2013. If you want to point out mistakes, voice your opinion or give us a scoop, please e-mail us at WSHSOracle@gmail.com. We’ll print what you have to say—we promise!

In our kingdom we…

Oracle Editors

Dear loyal subjects, It has come to our attention that some of you plebeians have taken PDA to a whole new level. As seniors, we are all too familiar with overly touchy couples... read story

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Snow days are great until your tests

Diana Schulberg, Managing Editor

With warmer weather coming the hope of random snow days off disappears, but in comes the payback for all those days off with its revenge of extra work and projects. As I am... read story

April 10, 2014 • 0 comments


Spartans once again put some pep in their step

Rosa Jang, Entertainment Editor

“WE ARE SPARTANS!” Decked out in blue, orange, white and grey, the student body chanted and cheered its way through another pep rally. The Leadership class added a couple... read story

April 10, 2014 • 0 comments


Student recognition, art appreciation

Soo In, Features Editor

Seniors Claire Fuller and Amanda Thai won recognition in the Art Scholastics Contest with their spectacular submissions of amazing artwork! Although they have both been chosen... read story

April 23, 2014 • 0 comments